Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HA! HA! I totally forgot this was here. Rant time.

I kinda moved and started up an internet marketing business. I totally forgot about this blog. I'm back though. I'll post.

I know its already "old news," but is anyone else as pissed off about the Casey Anthony trial as I am? Honestly, I don't care whether she did it or not. I don't understand why anyone would care, as it doesn't affect anyone's life in any significant way. I'm angry that it got so much media attention for so long. It was nothing but a distraction from the real news. America is facing total economic collapse and the hot topic is some dumb bitch who likes to party. Its the same as the OJ Simpson trial back in the day... distraction news. Mainstream media has become pathetic.

Out of curiosity though, do you think she's really innocent? Vote in my poll and then come back and comment with your thoughts. I like to understand how people think, you see.

In lighter news, Mountain Dew Voltage is quite delicious. I've had at least a litre in the last hour.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hello everyone.

I have started a blog. I am going to use to write about whatever I want. It probably wont make much sense; Or maybe it will? Who knows? I sure don't. Either way, this blog is a stepping stone to bigger and better things, so stay tuned.

So, lets begin. Today, I realized that hard hats are pretty awesome. I found one in the back of my roommate's truck, so I put it on and started hitting myself in the head with heavy metal bars. Didn't feel a thing. It had an interesting tone, too. I may record some hard hat polyrhythmic drumming in the near future. Perhaps I will acquire a hollow mannequin head, put a microphone inside of it, put the hard hat on it, and run through some rudiments at some point.